Profile Benefit Rider

Profile Benefit Rider

Helping Your Employees Thrive

When your employees thrive, your business does too. Through a new partnership with Profile, you can now give your employees access to simple health and nutrition plans for weight loss that works.

Profile’s science-based approach to weight loss was developed by doctors and researchers at Sanford Health. Today, Profile is helping members experience lasting results through nutrition, activity and lifestyle changes.

Why Profile works

When your employees become Profile members, they’ll meet with a coach to develop a personalized meal plan based on their goals, health needs, preferences and genetics. Through each stage of their weight loss journey, members receive support and motivation for continued weight loss success.

By adding the Profile Benefit Rider to your coverage, you can create a healthier workforce, offer an additional perk for new hires and transform your culture.

What your employees receive:

  • A monthly membership
  • Profile Success kit including smart body scale + bridge, Profile food scale, shaker bottle and CamelBak bottle.
  • Up to 20% off food items like shakes, bars, snacks and entrees

Download Overview

Contact your account executive to set up your benefit rider with help from our experts.

Profile in the Workplace


For Joel Spoonheim’s employees, partnering with Profile by Sanford led to healthier lifestyles and lasting results.