Sanford TRUE

Sanford TRUE

Sanford TRUE plans give you access to an integrated network of providers.

Integrated Care with Sanford Health Providers

Sanford TRUE plans offer a focused provider network of primarily Sanford Health providers and facilities. These plans have lower monthly premiums than the plans that offer a broader network plan.

Our providers will partner with you to create a patient-centered plan that meets your needs for the right care and right health plan coverage.

If you’re comfortable working with providers within the Sanford Health care system, this plan may be right for you.

Sanford Health Plan requires employees to reside in an approved zip code in order to be eligible and enroll in this network option. P.O. Boxes are not acceptable for residential addresses.

Check Your Eligibility

Sanford Health Plan requires employees to live in an approved zip code to be eligible to enroll in a Sanford TRUE plan. P.O. Boxes are not acceptable for residential addresses.

Check your eligibility:

Focused Network for In-network Provider Access

Sanford TRUE plans offer in-network coverage for Sanford Health providers and a few additional independent providers in the region. To receive benefits, you will need to see providers within our focused network.

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Virtual Care Access

Sanford Health Plan members have affordable access to virtual care at any time, any day. We offer three virtual care options, so you and your family are never far from the care you need when you need it most.

See a provider from the comfort of home or without leaving work through:

  • E-visits
  • Video visits
  • Virtual exams

Learn more about virtual care.

Preventive Health Screenings

We’re committed to helping you stay healthy, and we know screenings are a key part of disease prevention. That’s why Sanford Health Plan offers preventive care and screenings at no cost or very low cost if you’re using an in-network provider.

Download the preventative health guidelines.

Prescription Drug Coverage

At Sanford Health Plan, we want to match you to the prescription drugs that would be best for your health. Find our formulary below.

A formulary will tell you which benefit tier would cover a particular medication. Sanford Health Plan’s pharmacy network is the same across all plans.

View the formulary.

Drug Pricing Tool

Use our OptumRX pricing tool to compare the costs of different prescription drugs. This tool will help you estimate what you would pay for your prescriptions under a Sanford TRUE plan.

Try the drug pricing tool.