Why is health insurance important?

Why is health insurance important?

Our greatest asset is our health. Staying healthy, and quickly recovering from illness and injury, allows us to earn a living, follow our passions, support our families and enjoy life to the fullest.

Finding and selecting the right health insurance plan for your budget and lifestyle is an important step in protecting your most valuable asset. But how exactly does health insurance protect you?

Health insurance protects your finances

Discounted rate: Your plan’s in-network providers negotiate with your health insurers for discounted rates for services. Your insurance plan passes this savings on to you when you access medical services. Without health insurance coverage, the fee charged for a regular office visit and other medical services can be much higher—and you’ll be responsible for paying 100 of the amount out of your own pocket instead of splitting the cost with your insurer.

Protection against the unexpected: Health insurance can protect you from unexpected medical costs. Even if your health plan requires you to pay certain costs out of pocket, being covered can protect you from bankruptcy in case of injury or hospitalization.

Your health plan will begin paying a significant percentage of your health expenses after you meet your deductible (the amount you need to pay before insurance kicks in) and 100 percent of expenses after you meet your plan’s out-of-pocket maximum.

Health insurance protects your health

As a health plan member, your insurance gives you access to quality care through a network of health care providers.

Access to critical care: When you’re insured, you have better access to care for medical emergencies and chronic conditions.

Access to preventive care: When you’re insured, you may be more likely to take advantage of regular checkups and preventive care often offered at no cost to you. The old saying goes that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure—and the research bears this out. Maintaining your health at little to no expense can save you big in the long run.

For business owners: Health insurance can help protect your business, too

Protection against the unexpected: As a small business owner, unexpected personal medical expenses can take away from your ability to run your business. By limiting your personal liability for medical costs, health insurance can help keep your business operating.

Hiring and retention: Health insurance can help you hire and retain the best workers. Employer-sponsored group health insurance coverage is a valuable enticement in a total compensation package.

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