Leading for Wellness

Corporate wealth starts with employee health

Leading for Wellness

Optimize Workplace Health and Engagement 

Worksite wellness can no longer be seen as a special program or initiative. It’s a new way of organization living. In fact, it’s your organization’s competitive advantage.

The Leading for Wellness seminar from Sanford Health Plan is designed for decision-makers across all ranks who are responsible for shaping the culture of an organization, including supervisors, managers, directors and executives.

Although today’s workforce is more diverse than ever before, Leading for Wellness reveals why the six dimensions of well-being should be used as common foundational cornerstones for every organization’s culture. In today’s increased war for talent and need to manage health care costs, organizations that create leadership and cultural alignment surrounding the six dimensions will hold a competitive advantage, as:

  • Employee health and safety is a leading predictor of organizational wealth
  • Leaders influence over 70 percent of the decisions employees make about their health
  • Career well-being is the primary driver of overall health and well-being
  • Employees thriving across all six dimensions are not only happier, but also have lower medical costs (by more than 40 percent!) compared with those thriving in two areas or less

Take that first step, or gain further insight, to develop a culture of wellness in the workplace by attending Leading for Wellness.

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