Webinar: Choosing group health benefits for your business

As a business owner, choosing health benefits comes with lots of questions, from costs to plan types and which benefits may be best suited to meet the needs of your employees.

For answers and insight to help guide you through the process, watch our webinar for employers hosted by local insurance experts Jennie Nickles, director of sales and retention, and Hollie Scott, manager of broker account management.

During the webinar, they’ll cover a variety of topics so you can confidently find coverage that fits your needs and your business. You can get a preview of the experts’ advice below.

Why health benefits are important

Health benefits protect your business in numerous ways, including your finances, health and your employees.

What barriers may exist to changing plans

As your business evolves, your health needs – and the needs of your employees – may change too. Learn about barriers to changing plans and why it may be worth the switch.

Terms you should know for comparing plans

By understanding how different plans work from PPO to HMO plans, you can begin to identify which options make sense for you.

What should drive your cost-based decision-making

As any business owner knows, making sense of cost is a key consideration when looking at coverage options.

We’re here to help guide you through the process of choosing a plan.

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