Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle Medicine

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Your Partners in Wellness

Sanford Health Plan’s lifestyle medicine coaching program will help you reach your health and wellness goals. Our program covers your total well-being: physical, emotional, career, social, community and financial. We help you to understand how all of your day to day choices and habits work together to support your health.

A lifestyle medicine specialist is a certified health and wellness coach, a dietitian, nutritionist, and/or fitness expert who helps you take small steps to create big changes in your life. We’ll help you lose weight, lower your risk of chronic diseases and identify a physical activity plan that works for you. Partner with our specialists if you’re ready to improve your overall health.

Are you Eligible?

This program is only open to Sanford Health Plan members. Eligible members get free on-going coaching as part of their wellness benefits. Members typically coach for 4-6 months.

To qualify for the program, you must have one or more of these conditions:

A BMI of 30 or greater




High blood pressure

High cholesterol

Metabolic syndrome


Type 2 diabetes

We create personalized plans to help members decrease or eliminate medication dependence in favor of effective lifestyle changes. Revolutionize your medical care by living better through healthy habits.

Healthy Lifestyle Programs

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Your lifestyle medicine specialist will meet with you virtually and get you on track to a healthier lifestyle.


Meet Our Coaches


Rachel is a registered dietitian who’s passionate about evidence-based nutrition information. She specializes in healthy sustainable lifestyle changes and sports nutrition. She works with patients to help them let go of perfection and find balance in their exercise and nutrition routines. Rachel’s biggest wish is for everyone to realize that dietitians are food therapists, not the food police.


Mariah is a registered dietitian working to equip her patients with healthy habits that they can maintain. Her work focuses on small changes that over time result in sustainable habits for their lifelong well-being. Mariah loves to work with parents to craft healthy family meals that both kids and adults can enjoy. She wants her patients to know that nutrition is not one-size-fits-all, and she’s here to help them customize their diets to their lifestyles.


Maggie is an exercise specialist and certified wellness educator. She coordinates the Exercise is Medicine program. Maggie enjoys helping others find ways to create sustainable wellness habits based on their personal needs and values. Her experience in personal training allowed her to work with a wide range of individuals from advanced to beginner fitness levels – including special populations. Maggie’s top priority is to help others create balance in their life to promote success, longevity and happiness.


Angela administers the wellness benefit programs for the Dakota Wellness Program. Her education and work background includes entrepreneurship, alternative medicine, yoga instruction and massage therapy. She thrives on the diversity of her role, which consists of project management, data management, creating well-being education and providing top-notch customer service to members.


Lindsay is a certified health and wellness coach and registered dietitian who specializes in health education content and communications. She also works in the Diabetes Prevention Program as a lifestyle coach and program coordinator. Lindsay supports individuals and groups as they discover their path to a sustainable healthy lifestyle.


Audra is a coach who helps people make peace with their bodies and minds. Whether she’s working one-on-one or sharing information through online webinars, Audra is passionate about helping others find clarity about where they’re at and where they want to go. She has studied psychology, health promotion and clinical mental health counseling and is currently working toward her South Dakota counseling license.


Alexis is a registered dietitian who’s passionate about integrating balance and quality of life with lifestyle habits. Her work focuses on targeting undereating and overeating along with making small changes over time to create long-term, sustainable change. Alexis wants her patients to recognize that food is not just food. It encompasses tradition, culture, emotions, social life and so much more. Most importantly, food should be enjoyed.