All-in-One Coverage that Cares for the Whole You

Your plan is unique. As a member, you can view your complete plan details through the online member portal.

Providers You Know and Trust

You have access to the region’s leading hospitals, doctors and pharmaciesproviders you know and trust.

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Understanding Your Drug Coverage

You have comprehensive prescription drug coverage at pharmacies near you through our inclusive plans.

Pharmacy and Coverage Tools

24/7 Virtual Care


Access virtual care resources on the go or from the comforts of home.

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Supplemental Coverage and Benefits

Dental Coverage

Get comprehensive coverage for cleaning, dental checkups and more each year.

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Hearing Coverage

Our hearing benefits provide a free annual hearing aid evaluation and up to $1,000 for hearing aids. Access your benefits through the NationsHearing® network.

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Vision Coverage

VSP® Vision Care provides you with a free annual exam and up to $200 in reimbursements for glasses or contacts each year.

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Over-the-Counter (OTC) Coverage

Our plans come with NationsOTC® over-the-counter benefits each quarter. You can get these products shipped directly to you.

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Silver&Fit® offers a flexible fitness program that meets you where you’re at. Join classes from home or work out at your gym.

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Mom's Meals®

Get fully prepared, refrigerated meals delivered directly to your home through your benefits with Mom’s Meals®. Available to members recovering from a hospital stay or managing a chronic condition. Members must meet eligibly requirements.

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Member Benefits and Programs

Free Preventive Care

Plans include wellness visits, routine screenings, vaccines and more at no cost.

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No matter where you are in the United States, urgent care and emergency services are always covered at the same cost-share you have at home. With our visitor travel benefit, you can travel up to six consecutive months a year in the United States and receive in-network benefits from select providers. For details, refer to your Evidence of Coverage, accessible online within your member portal here.

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Direct Access

Integrated care places your doctor in the driver’s seat to determine the best treatment plan for your needs. We’ve eliminated prior authorization for the most highly used services to provide easier and faster access to patient care.

Diabetes Prevention Program

Change your risk of type 2 diabetes with a 12-month weight loss program designed to reduce your risk for type 2 diabetes. In this program, participants meet in a group with a trained lifestyle coach to focus on lifestyle-change strategies to lose weight, increase physical activity and decrease their risk of developing type 2 diabetes. The program includes 24 sessions, meeting weekly for 4 months and monthly for 8 months.

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Care Management Programs

Our Medicare Advantage plan comes with a full spectrum of care management programs. We know that living with a chronic health condition or experiencing a complex medical situation can be challenging and leave you with a lot of questions. Our services can give you extra support tailored to your specific needs. To learn more, contact our team at (888) 315-0884.

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Livongo for Diabetes

Livongo is a health program that has always been known for helping people with diabetes to live happier, healthier lives. The program is offered at no cost to members with diabetes and coverage through Sanford Health Plan.

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Health Navigator Services

Members have access to a health navigator, who acts as your personal health assistant. Your navigator will guide you through the health care system and connect you with the care and wellness options you need.

Navigators can help you find a doctor, schedule appointments and even provide you with a trusted partner to accompany you to your appointments. Health navigator services are confidential and provided at no additional cost.


How can I access my member account?

Members can access their online member portal by using the Log In drop down list in upper right of this webpage and choosing Members. For your convenience, you may also link to the portal here.

How can I schedule a virtual care appointment?

Use your MySanfordChart account to access virtual care. To learn more, or to sign up for a MySanfordChart account, visit

What if I need health care while I’m traveling?

No matter where you are in the United States, urgent care and emergency services are always covered at the same cost-share you have at home.  Our plans also provide a visitor travel benefit – meaning you can travel up to six consecutive months a year in the United States and receive in-network benefits from select providers.  For details, refer to your Evidence of Coverage.

Align powered by Sanford Health Plan is a PPO with a Medicare contract.  Enrollment in Align powered by Sanford Health Plan depends on contract renewal. Align powered by Sanford Health Plan complies with applicable Federal civil rights laws and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex.  Every year, Medicare evaluates plans based on a 5-star rating system.

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