Healthy Benefits+™ Flex Card

Use your flex card to conveniently access your allowance for over-the-counter products and dental, hearing and vision expenses.

Create an account or log in to the Healthy Benefits+ portal to view your flex card's current balance, your covered benefits, complete list of in-network retailers, and more.

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Healthy Benefits+™ Flex Card

How to Use Your Flex Card

The Healthy Benefits+ flex card is a plan benefit for all Align powered by Sanford Health Plan members. Your flex card makes it easy to spend your allowance dollars, helping you make the most of your Medicare Advantage benefits. The flex card is as simple to use as a debit card wherever Visa® is accepted for eligible products and expenses.

Your flex card includes:

  • A quarterly allowance for over-the-counter products 
  • An annual allowance for dental, hearing and vision expenses

Download our comparison sheet to view benefit details for ChoicePlus and ChoiceElite plans.

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Where to Spend Your Allowance

Your flex card gives you flexible spending options. You can use your quarterly allowance at in-network retailers, including participating Lewis-Drug, Walgreens and Walmart. Once a member, view our complete list of in-network retailers online at

For dental, hearing and vision, use your annual allowance for your out-of-pocket expenses. To use your allowance dollars for your visit, you can see any provider where Visa is accepted and the primary business is dental, hearing or vision.

You can also purchase qualifying products from home using our catalog or the Healthy Benefits+ member portal.

Ways to Use Your Allowance

Prescription pill bottle icon

Over-the-Counter Products

Including bandages, aspirin and cold and flu medicine.

Dental Coverage

Dental Expenses

For out-of-pocket expenses on comprehensive dental services such as fillings or crowns.

Hearing aid icon

Hearing Expenses

For additional hearing expenses, such as hearing aids.

Vision care icon

Vision Expenses

For additional contacts or extra glasses.

Download the Healthy Benefits+ App

Using the app, you can browse products, scan items while shopping to see if they’re covered and search for in-network stores. Eligible products include thousands of items such as:

  • Cotton swabs
  • Cough drops
  • First-aid kits
  • Bladder control pads
  • Pain relief medicine
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Toothpaste

Download the app to start scanning today.

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