Corporate Wellness Solutions for Employers

Corporate Wellness Solutions for Employers

Wellness in the Workplace

A majority of adults spend most of their time in the workplace. Employee habits at work can affect their overall health. Research shows that the workplace environment affects 70% of the wellness decisions workers make each day.

This includes:

  • How much physical activity an employee gets
  • The food they eat
  • How much sleep they get
  • Their overall emotional health

The organization’s leaders can do a lot to impact the workplace environment and employee health. Our comprehensive wellness services empower you to create a work culture that helps your employees be the best they can be. We’ll optimize your employees’ physical, mental and emotional health.

Every organization is unique. Meet with our experts to discuss your company’s concerns. We’ll review the current state of your workplace wellness programs and identify opportunities for growth. Our team is here to be your wellness partner.

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The Workplace + Wellness Connection

We’ll partner with you to improve employee health, engagement, and the personal productivity and well-being that follows.

Wellness Resources & Solutions For Your Business

Online Wellness Portal

Employees complete health assessments, select areas of interest and receive personalized health and well-bring plans.

Worksite Training Programs

We offer programs in all areas of well-being, including stress management, better sleep and more.

Health Assessments and Screenings

Preventive services designed to reduce instances of chronic and serious illness. Follow-up reporting and guidance included.

Wellness Coaching

Sanford Health Plan offers 1:1 wellness coaching services to help employees reach health and wellness goals.

Tobacco Cessation

Employees are offered assistance through coaching, tools and resources regarding quitting tobacco.


Get the whole family involved with this health activation program focused on creating healthy daily habits.

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