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Advance Directives

Your Right to Choose
Have you ever thought about what would happen if you suddenly became incapable of making your own health care decisions? Who would make the decisions for you? How would they be made? Patients who are capable of making their own health care decisions have the right to consent, to reject and to withdraw consent for medical procedures, treatments or interventions. They may say yes, no, or I will think about it. For patients who are incapable, someone else must make decisions for them. For many patients, this possible loss of control is a concern.

These concerns can be addressed by signing an advance directive - a document that sets out guidelines for your future care. A durable power of attorney for health care is a type of advance directive.Advance Directives can be signed and copies should go to:

  • The person who is responsible for making decisions in the event you are unable to speak for yourself
  • The Health Information Management Department of the hospital where you are most likely to be treated
  • Your primary care physician


What is a durable power of attorney for healthcare?

A durable power of attorney for health care is a document that you, the "principle," create by appointing another person, the health care "agent," or "attorney in fact," to make health care decisions for you should you become incapable of making them yourself.

What is a Living Will?
A living will is a document that gives instructions to your physician and other healthcare providers as to the circumstances under which you want life sustaining treatment to be provided, withheld or withdrawn.

Advance Directives