Losing Medicaid?

You and your family may be able to get low-cost, quality health insurance through Sanford Health Plan. To get started, answer a few questions to determine your eligibility.

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Losing Medicaid? Losing Medicaid?

States like North Dakota and South Dakota are resuming eligibility reviews for Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). This means some people with Medicaid or CHIP could be disenrolled from those programs and lose their Medicaid or CHIP insurance.

For more information on why this is happening, read our article and learn some actions you can take to prepare.


What if you don't qualify for Medicaid or CHIP anymore?

If you or a family member are no longer eligible for Medicaid or CHIP, there are other free and low-cost health insurance options for you and your family through the Health Insurance Marketplace through Sanford Health Plan.

Marketplace plans are:

  • Affordable. 4 out of 5 enrollees can find plans that cost less than $10 a month.*
  • Comprehensive. All Marketplace plans cover things like prescription drugs, doctor visits, urgent care, hospital visits and more.


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*Source: Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services in reference to national Marketplace enrollment. Subsidies to reduce premiums are based on income.

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