What is a Provider Network?

A provider network helps answer the question "What doctors can I see?"

To ensure you are receiving in-network benefit coverage, you are required to use the Sanford Health Plan network. The network consists of nearly 25,000 providers in SD, MN, IA, NE and ND. NOTE: If you choose to go to a non-participating provider when in network access is available, your claims will be paid according to your out-of-network benefits.

What if there aren’t participating Sanford Health Plan providers in my residential area?

Sanford Health Plan has contracted with other networks for those members who reside, travel or attend school outside the Sanford Health Plan service area. If you have an additional network listed on your identification card, you may seek medical care from a provider that is participating with the additional network. If these additional networks do not provide you with access to a needed provider, the Sanford Health Plan Access and Availability rules will apply. Please refer to your Policy for details.