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Healthy Pathways Healthy Pathways

Get started on the path to healthier living with personalized case management support. We help prevent, manage and treat chronic and complex medical conditions.


You and your covered family members can take advantage of the below programs at no cost. If you’re not sure where to start, call (888) 315-0884 (TTY: 711) to discuss your needs and goals with a coordinator.

Behavioral Health Case Management Program

Living with a mental health condition or substance use disorder can be difficult. We’re proud to offer a behavioral health case management program to connect you with compassionate support.

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Care Transitions Case Management Program

This program is available to members who were recently in the hospital for a medical or behavioral health condition. Our case managers can help ensure you smoothly transition into the next phase of your recovery.

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Emergency Room (ER) Case Management Program

A case manager will help you navigate health care needs that arise after leaving the ER to ensure a smooth transition home. Case managers are licensed professionals who act as your advocate and will seek to coordinate solutions to meet your health care needs.

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Complex Case Management Program

If you have a complex medical condition, went through a serious health event or need support in managing a chronic condition, this program is for you. Our case managers are here to be your guides as you navigate the health care system.

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Specialty Case Management Program

Designed for members in need of certain types of specialty care, this program offers extra support and guidance. Our case managers will help coordinate your care, answer your questions and address your concerns.

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Community Resources Support

Explore free or reduced-cost options through community programs and resources near you. Our team can connect you with support for your financial, housing, food, transportation, dental and vision needs.

Search the database or call (888) 315-0884 (TTY: 711) to connect with a social worker.