Real Property Services

How a Fargo business found affordable, flexible coverage

Balancing affordable with flexible

With a team of 18, Real Property Services provides management and maintenance for properties throughout the Fargo-Moorhead area. From heating to cooling, they ensure a building’s systems are well maintained to prevent any breakdowns before they happen.

“We bridge that gap where you might not be a big enough company to have your own maintenance tech on staff, but you still need those services,” says Miriam McDonald, a controller who oversees the office staff, billing and finances.

Because about half of their team does manual work each day, offering a health insurance plan that fits a variety of needs has always been important.

So when Real Property Services had the opportunity to choose a new health insurance provider last year, they decided to start from scratch and compare their options.

“We were looking for the best bang for our buck, coupled with good benefits and coverage for our employees,” says McDonald. “We weren’t just looking for the cheapest option, but the best option.”

With Sanford Health Plan, they found a balance between affordable coverage and giving their employees flexibility.

“We have a variety of ages and financial backgrounds, so it was nice to have options, like both high deductible and low deductible plans,” she says.

Whenever McDonald has questions, from paperwork to COBRA coverage, she’s also thankful to have a personal point of contact.

“Our agent has gone above and beyond to make sure I’m navigating our health insurance correctly,” she says. “If I have an immediate question, I’ll give her a call and she’ll call me right back.”

As the company’s maintenance technicians go to work in buildings across town, they have peace of mind knowing they’re covered with health insurance that fits their needs. “It’s not just the basic minimum coverage,” she says.

“It’s coverage that works best for everybody.”