How to help your employees understand their health insurance plan options

How to help your employees understand their health insurance plan options

As an employer, you want to offer your employees the best health insurance plan options that fit their needs and budget. Choosing a health insurance plan can be confusing and overwhelming for many employees.

Employees have different health care needs, goals, and expectations depending on their age, family status, lifestyle, and medical history. For example, younger employees may be more interested in wellness programs, while older employees may value preventive care. Employers need to design their communication strategies to address concerns and interests of each employee group.

Tools and tips to help

Here are some tips on how to provide clear and simple information about the health insurance plan options and benefits: 

  • Use a decision guide. Easy to use booklets that outline the comparison of plan options as employees work to decide on their coverage. This will show the employee which plan may best fit their needs according to their personalized health needs and goals.
  • Use Sanford Health Plan’s employer toolkits. As a member of Sanford Health Plan, you will have access to a library of resources for your employees. These tools will help you give information about your employees’ health coverage. There are different types of materials available to customize your approach based on each employee’s needs.
  • Provide personalized assistance and support. Your agent or Sanford Health Plan account services team are available to help and support your employees. They provide assistance by answering their questions and helping them pick the plan that suits them best.

By providing clear and simple information, you can help your employees make informed decisions to get the most out of their health insurance coverage.

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