Nature and your health

Being in nature and exploring the great outdoors is an enjoyable activity for many people. You might be surprised to know that being in nature also supports our health and well-being. Spending time outdoors is a proven stress reliever, which in turn helps lower blood pressure, muscle tension, and reduces the release of stress hormones. A study out of the University of Minnesota even suggested that people who spend more time in nature have a lower mortality rate.

How can you enhance your experiences in nature?

  • Slow down and be present: While you are exploring, let go of life’s worries and distractions. Tune out the busy world around you and exist only in your current surroundings.
  • Tune into your senses: Recognize the sights, sounds, smells, and textures in your environment. We do not generally use all our senses at once in our daily lives, and it can be very therapeutic to practice tuning in.
  • Learn more about the plants and animals living in the areas you explore: Understanding the plants and animals present can deepen your experience and enrich your appreciation for nature.

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