Stay Healthy, Do Not Postpone Care

It is important to look after yourself by getting the time-sensitive medical care and behavioral health care you need to stay healthy. Sanford Health Plan provides options to meet your care needs - this can be via phone, video or in-person visit.

Keep your care on track.

  • CONDITIONS: If you have a condition like heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, migraines, you need regular follow up care to monitor your condition and make sure treatment(s) is working.

  • IMMUNE SYSTEM: If you take medications that impact your immune system and have stopped taking them and have not restarted, you should reach out to your prescribing provider to discuss your treatment plan.

  • PREVENTION: Stay on track with your preventive care including immunizations and age appropriate cancer screenings.

  • BEHAVIORAL HEALTH: If you have behavioral health needs, continue your therapy appointments. If needed, ask what telehealth options are available. If you take behavioral health medications, it’s important to reach out to your prescribing provider to stay up-to-date and discuss your treatment plan.

    If you are receiving medical and behavioral healthcare services, let your providers know so they can work together on your treatment plan and give the best quality of care.

  • OPIOID PRESCRIPTIONS: If you are taking opioid medications, talk to your provider or pharmacist about other possible options, side effects, safe use of and risks of addiction to opioids.

NOTE: Medical emergencies such as heart attacks, strokes, severe pain or thoughts of self-harm should be addressed immediately. Call 911 or go to the emergency room.