The benefits of working with an agent

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If you’re ready to choose a health insurance plan, you don’t have to do it alone. An agent can act as your guide throughout the process.

How can an agent help me find the right plan?

Agents are licensed in the states where they practice and are extensively trained and educated on plans and provider networks. Best of all, they’re available to you at no cost.

To recommend the best options for you and your family, your agent will vet different plans, provide you with quotes to review and explain the ins and outs of each plan. One of their most important roles is to help eliminate confusion by helping you understand the finer details of each plan. By doing some of the legwork for you, they can save you time and even money.

Does it cost money to work with an agent?

No, purchasing health insurance through an agent does not cost you anything. An agent’s pay or commission is already built into your rates or accounted for, so you’ll pay the same monthly premium whether you purchase your health insurance on your own or through a licensed insurance agent.

Where can I find an agent?

Sanford Health Plan is ready to connect you with a local insurance agent in your community.

Click here to shop plans, get a quote and buy a plan on the Marketplace. If you’re ready to learn more, call us at (888) 501-4560 to talk with one of our experts or request a quote.