What is health equity and why is it important?

All of us deserve a fair shot at living our healthiest possible life. But some of us are at a disadvantage of reaching our health goals due to things that may be outside our control, such as:

  • How far we live from our doctor
  • If we can take off time from work to visit our doctor
  • Income and affordable housing 
  • Health insurance coverage
  • Race, color, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age or disability
  • Educational opportunities
  • Having enough food
  • Employment with enough income to pay for basic living expenses
  • Safe neighborhoods
  • Support from family and friends

These differences can make meeting our health goals difficult. At Sanford Health Plan, we’re taking action to overcome these differences so more people can improve their quality of life through better health.

What we’re doing

  • Our virtual care options give you access to quality care regardless of where you live.
  • Our case management services support your needs. We can help find programs to assist with medication costs, food and housing needs, and transportation to your medical appointments.
  • We provide language services and TTY access for anyone who speaks English as a second language and for those with hearing loss. We can also help translate the medical documents you may need when seeing your doctor.
  • Our team and providers receive ongoing training on diversity, equity, inclusion and other topics.
  • Our hiring practices include tools to help develop a diverse workforce.

If you’re a current member and want to learn how Sanford Health Plan can help you, please email us today.

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